Managing Partners

Zash Hossain, Managing Partner

Mr. Zash Hossain started his career on Wall Street at SG Cowen. Over the years he has gained his pedigree from large institutions such as JP Morgan to the niche focused firms such as Maxim Group. During his tenure at Gilford Securities, Zash served as a Director in the Dubai and New York City offices, where he was an integral part in the development of the Asset Management Platform for Ultra High Net Worth groups & families in the Middle East.

Throughout Zash’s Trading and Investment Banking career, he was heavily involved in the trading of Oil & Gas companies. During his Investment Banking years, he was primarily focused on Oil & Gas Producers, Refiners, companies that supported the Oil & Gas Companies, and India’s Infrastructure. Zash has also held a Managing Partner position at an international shipping and logistics company within the Oil & Gas industry.


Zash was the Chief Executive Officer of World Petro Company. Under Zash’s leadership, he grew the company and increased the financing from $2.5 billion to $7 billion. He and his team launched business activities with several key suppliers and he navigated the firm into a large international contract with a major state owned oil refinery. At World Petro Company, Zash established the organization and structure to transact with many of the world’s largest airlines, logistics companies, and high volume trade desks. He also formed strategic alliances on the behalf of World Petro Company with top financial institutions to maximize the profit potential in transactions. 

Zash attended New York University’s Stern School of Business.

Michael Peden, Managing Partner

Mr. Michael Peden, originally from Edinburgh in Scotland, began his career as a professionally qualified  Quantity Surveyor within the construction industry. He was heavily involved in the management and financial controls of major projects and developments before moving to the United States, were he then represented and consulted for several top UK and US banks in high profile joint ventures.


Settling in Dallas, Texas, where he lived for over ten years, Michael met and worked with the oil magnate Clint Murchison Jr. Thereafter, Michael consulted for major financial institutions and companies in the oil and gas industry.


Michael moved from construction and financing of oil and gas developments, into the area of fuel purchases and trading. In this role, he represented  and consulted for top level banks and trusts regarding their finance, purchase, and joint ventures, of refined products. These management roles took Michael all over the world as he built strong relationships working with major oil suppliers, major buyers, and oil and gas trading clients.


Through the senior management positions Michael has held at several oil and gas trading firms, including World Petro Company, he has developed a strong background, gained a lot of experience, and built strong “hands on” working relationships with oil traders and end-users, including major airlines throughout the world. It is on this foundation, that Michael brings a wealth of knowledge through his 30+ years of experience in banking and in the oil and gas industry.


Michael heads W16 Energy’s trading division.

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